FPVTV is a simple web and mobile application designed to provde FPV Pilots with an easy way to find videos of interest to their chosen niche within the hobby

FPVTV is a really simple web application I built to scratch my own itch - some of you who follow me on twitter may also know that I am an avid FPV pilot, currently studying towards achieving a BNUC-S qualification to operate small UAV aircraft commercially for my other aerial imaging and surveying company, AtmosCam.

AtmosCam was born out of my hobby, radio control flying. However, it is not traditional radio control flying, it is piloting the miniature aircraft from a first person "cockpit" view, using a live video stream from the plane to a ground station.

There are hundreds of videos on this subject on YouTube and I wanted a place where I could simply search for a specific niche in the hobby without having to trawl through hundreds of videos each time.

The Solution

Enter the YouTube Data API V3 - using a very simple search engine I built in C# .NET, I was able to filter the results (and get around the max of 50 results from the API ;) ) based on what I wanted to find. I then created a simple front-end using my own responsive framework (no, not Bootstrap!) to allow easy searching and viewing of videos. The videos are viewed using a nice Lightbox style popup which "dims" the lights when watching a video, and allows the user to click next, previous etc without going back to the results.

I then chucked in a couple of Google Adsense links to earn 3 pence per month and bobs your Uncle .. a simple YouTube niche search in a nifty viewing application.

Cross Device Compatibility

The website is fully responsive, working well on standard desktops, smartphones and even the XBOX - I use it to sit on the sofa and watch the videos in HD on a big screen in my living room (and no nasty typing via the XBOX controller to find what I want to watch!)


Do you have a project in mind and need help getting it off the ground?

Why not give me a call on 07990 523015 or contact me for a no-obligation chat about how I can help - I have availability as of July 2018 and am available for both remote working and in-house projects subject to your location.