Steve WoodsASP.NET MVC Video Tutorials

Easy step-by-step ASP.NET training - from the basics to full-blown web and software applications.

Watch some of my free ASP.NET video tutorials.

Let me take you through a series of free ASP.NET tutorial videos I've created showing you to to build web applications rapidly using technologies such as C#, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server and more. Enjoy!

Let's Build ASP.NET MVC - Final Whistle Project

Learn how to build a basic version of BBC Sport Football using ASP.NET MVC and C#

Let's Build - ASP.NET MVC 5 TodoList with Entity Framework and Identity

A simple ASP.NET MVC 5 application development tutorial using Entity Framework, Identity and SQL Server

How to use Class Interfaces in C#

In this C# tutorial I attempt to explain the concept of Class Interfaces and Inheritance.

C# Class for Generating QR Codes using the Google Charts API

In this tutorial I will share a class I have produced which wraps around the Google Charts API to generate a QR code in C#

How to use Constructors and Deconstructors in C# Classes

Learn how to create Constructors for objects in C# using different parameter types, and how to perform actions when the objects are disposed of.

How to validate an e-mail address using C# and the MailObject Class

Find out how to validate an e-mail address using C# and the MailObject Class

How to get your public IP address using a web service in C#

How to get your public IP address from a web service into a C# Console Application