Steve WoodsWindows 10 Wireless Issues - No Connections Available [SOLVED]

Make sure you uninstall the Cisco VPN client from Windows 8.1 before you upgrade to Windows 10 or you will have wireless connectivity issues.

Posted on Friday, July 31, 2015 at 1:14 AM into windows10 by Steve Woods

Today I installed Windows 10 via Windows Update over the top of my Windows 8.1 setup - well, three times actually, because twice I had to roll back as I couldn't get my wireless network adapter to work. Device Manager said that all was well, but it simply could not find any network connections. Additionally, I wouldn't use the F12 key on my laptop to turn on Flight Mode - it acted like it was stuck and had no effect (I'm on a HP Envy by the way) which signified to me that all was NOT in fact well, and something was definitely up.

More importantly, I could not even install any drivers because each time I tried to use the Windows 8 drivers in compatibility mode, I kept getting a "semaphore timeout" error - whatever that is.

So yea, I was stuck ... and with no wireless connection I had no Internet, so no chance of figuring this out in the browser.

Event Log to the rescue

The only tool I had at my disposal was the Event Viewer application which was showing some errors attempting to bind the IPV4 stack to the network interface, so I fired up my phone and started trawling the internet for any network interface related issues with Windows 10 of which there were none of any real relevance.

However I thought to myself what else could be preventing anything from binding - that suggested something else was trying to use the interface and I remembered that I had the Cisco VPN client installed, which does some really funky stuff to the network stack on Windows at times. I decided to check if it was running and for some reason, the service had failed to start... hmm, something definitely in this.

I have no need for the Cisco VPN client at present, so decided to uninstall it - but when I tried, Windows claimed the OS was corrupt (WTF?) and wouldn't let me do it. So I decided to roll back to Windows 8.1 and uninstall it from there instead.

Once I'd uninstalled the VPN client (and associated services), I reinstalled Windows 10 and the wireless adapter worked straight away, no issues whatsoever.

So - if you have the Cisco VPN client installed on your Windows 8.1 machine, uninstall it before you upgrade to Windows 10. 

I hope this helps!




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